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With digitization and the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies,
centralized financial systems are becoming decentralized, with the ability
to offer governance and greater returns than ever before. The DeFi protocols offer an easy and huge return compared to traditional financial institutions such as banks or bonds. Rebase APY delivers an ecosystem of products to provide a revolutionized crypto experience for community members and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Rebase APY proves to be the best decentralized finance asset that rewards users with a sustainable compound interest model through its auto-compounding DApp.
While volatility is the main issue related to cryptocurrencies and preventing mass adoption of DeFi coins and platforms, Rebase APY is here to deliver the most stable and sustainable cryptocurrency through its rebasing mechanism. In addition to launching its rebase tokens, Rebase APY has a launchpad to launch similar rebase tokens for the benefit of users in the blockchain space. Rebase APY offers you the best possible opportunity to earn passive income from your crypto assets. There is no need to mine or trade cryptocurrencies for profit as Rebase APY offers the best alternative. In addition, Rebase APY offers some innovative products like Metaverse, NFT cards and Marketplace.


Rebasing is a fair cryptocurrency delivery mechanism that alters the overall supply of coins to offer more price-stable cryptocurrencies. The price of a particular coin depends on its supply or market emotions. Expanding or contracting the circulating supply of a crypto asset to exercise control over its price is known as rebasing. When a rebase occurs, the token’s supply is algorithmically increased or decreased based on each token’s current price.
What do we offer?
RebaseAPY rewards holders with automatic compound interest, increasing their REBASEAPY holdings. Visible on Dapp
REBASE LAUNCHPAD ; Enable the launch of innovative Crypto projects across multiple blockchains for Rebase projects and GameFi
NFT CARDS & MARKETPLACE; Upload your work (image, video, audio or 3D art), add a title and description and customize your NFTs in the RebaseAPY platform
METAVETSE ; The Metaverse refers to both current and future integrated digital platforms focused on virtual and augmented reality.
PLAY TO EARN GAMES; P2E (also known as NFT game or crypto game) is a video game that contains elements that use cryptography-based blockchain technologies.
MORE PRODUCTS ; The best De-Fi products coming soon on the RebaseAPY platform as mentioned in the roadmap are reaching the goal


The global pandemic has transformed the way people view virtual interactions, making them feel better than ever and connected to everyone. Rebase APY will develop a virtual world, a dedicated 3D space for creators to exhibit their artworks in the blockchain-tradable NFTs.
Our work and life has become more dependent on the Internet, and we rely entirely on digital (online) interactions rather than offline interactions. The way people communicate has also changed in the internet age. Technology
will push us to move from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value.
NFT maps and marketplace
NFTs is the modern solution for people who value a unique collection of items such as baseball cards, stamps and paintings. The uniqueness and rarity of these collectibles made them rise in value. The greater the market emotion, the higher the price. The advent of NFTs shifted the aforementioned uniqueness to the digital realm. The artists can imprint their artworks into NFT collectibles such as trading cards.
Rebase APY has its own NFT marketplace where the developers can list their NFT cards for sale while the collectors can collect the rarest cards on the internet. NFTs are smart contract encoded and unique from each other, making them increasingly valuable over time. Rebase APY community members can trade their digital collectibles on our marketplace or offer them for rent and earn passive income from their unique digital asset.
Play to Earn Games

Positive $REBASE Token
The $REBASE token is based on a positive rebasing mechanism to counter price volatility. The $REBASE token’s price swings are outperformed by its elastic supply through events called rebases. When a rebase occurs, the token’s supply is algorithmically increased based on the token’s current supply.
During the rebase, the amount of $REBASE tokens in the user wallet changes to keep up with the price change. The idea is that your holdings have not changed in proportion to the total supply as a result of the rebase. If you had 1% of the supply before the rebase, you should still have 1% after the rebase even if the number of coins in your wallet has changed. Essentially, you keep your share of the network no matter what the price.



Phase 1
• Team Building •
Live Website
• Whitepaper Release
• Official Smart Contract Deployment — Main Net
Fair Launch on PinkSale
• Airdrop Campaign
• Bounty Campaign
• SolidProof Audit
• Autocompounding Dapp Live
• Community Building
• PR Marketing, Youtube and
Twitter influencers,
• YouTube marketing campaign
• Listing at Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
• Presale Pinksale (Fair Launch)
• PinkLock liquidity
blocked for 100 years • CEXs listing
phase 2
• 2nd audit version (Techrate & Certik)
• CMC Airdrop campaign
• Rebase Launchpad Live
• KOLs Collaboration
• NFT Cards & Marketplace
Phase 3
• PlaytoEarn (Testnet)
• Metaverse
• DAO Governance
• PlaytoEarn (Mainnet)

For More Information:
Twitter: https://twitter. com/RebaseAPY
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