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Introduction to Metakillers

Metakillers Marketplace is the first ever marketplace for metakillers. It is a platform for metakillers to buy and sell their metakillers. Metakillers Marketplace is the first step in a larger vision Metakillers has for the future. It is the first step in making it possible to buy and sell metakillers on a large scale. Metakillers Marketplace connects buyers and sellers, and serves as a third party in all transactions. The platform will enable a safe and secure marketplace for buying and selling metakillers, with a fair marketplace policy. Metakillers Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging in-game virtual items. With the help of blockchain technology, we’re able to provide you with secure and fast transactions. Metakillers Marketplace is a platform where users can buy, sell and exchange in-game virtual items for any game on the steam platform, right inside Metakillers. The platform is powered by a blockchain-based cryptocurrency called “Meta”.

The Metakillers Marketplace is a global software and services marketplace. It is a platform for outsourcing, connecting and trading services, products and digital goods. The marketplace is a safe and secure place where people and businesses can conduct digital business transactions. Connecting with the right people to help you with your business can be a long and arduous process, but the Metakillers Marketplace is designed to help you find the perfect match and trade your services, products or digital assets quickly, easily and safely. Metakillers is a strategic marketplace where sellers and buyers meet, interact and exchange value using smart contracts. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, it allows for the creation of smart contracts that handle the transfer of value, tracking and enforcement of agreements between buyers and sellers.

Metakillers Token Economics

The Metakillers Marketplace will be a decentralized marketplace, which will be open for anyone to sell and buy products and services using token as a payment. It will be used as a payment method on the Metakillers Marketplace. It will also be used in other applications like Metakillers Online Store, Metakillers Mobile Payments and other future applications. At Metakillers, we are building a community first and foremost.

The token economics of Metakiller’s Marketplace is based on a token that will be used to facilitate the exchange of in-game items between players. If you are looking to buy or sell in-game items, Metakillers tokens will be used as a medium of exchange. Metakillers tokens will be an ERC20 token and will be used on Ethereum as its main network.

Metakillers is a marketplace where anyone can sell their digital goods and services in a secure and trustworthy way. Just imagine that you can sell your unused game items (in-game) or game accounts, sell your music, videos or pictures, and even sell your digital or physical products with 0 commissions!


Metakillers is a platform for streamers to connect with their communities and make more money by selling their own merch and content, as well as being a social hub for gamers to hang out, chat and watch live streams. Our team has been working hard to bring this new feature to the game, and we think it’s going to create a lot of cool new opportunities for you to play the game.

The Metakillers Marketplace is a secure way for professional sellers to sell their accounts, gold, and power leveling. Our professional sellers are committed to delivering the highest quality services to our customers. We have a long history of customer satisfaction and we are proud to have a reputation as the premier place to buy accounts, gold, and power leveling.

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