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ELDEN KNIGHTS is a cryptocurrency game you play to win. We believe that playing games should always be fun, rewarding and interactive. By using blockchain technology we are building a platform that will allow players to trade items on their mobile phones without the need for third party services. With ELDEN KNIGHTS you don’t have to sell your soul for dollars, but instead can buy it with tokens which you can use in our game or trade with others on crypto markets.

Blockchain & NFT

Blockchain is a decentralized database system that records transactions on a public ledger. It is an immutable, transparent, and secure digital ledger of transactions. NFTs are non-fungible tokens which are unique and identifiable on the blockchain.

Blockchain is an immutable and transparent database system that records transactions on a public ledger. It is also secure because it uses cryptography to verify the authenticity of information in the blockchain. The blockchain will record all the information about the token, including who owns it, how many tokens they own, when they bought their token and how much they paid for it.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique and identifiable on the blockchain. They can be used as currency or as collectibles which have intrinsic value because of rarity or quality. NFTs

As a leading team of gaming industry veterans, we are proud to introduce our project hosted on Ethereum blockchain. Elden Knights is a decentralized NFT game which runs on a play to earn model that rewards players for their time and effort with $KNIGHTS (ERC-20) tokens. These tokens are traded for/from other cryptos and used within the ecosystem to trade in-game assets among the players.

ELDEN KNIGHTS will truly be a masterpiece of gaming and blockchain as it revolutionizes the ELDEN NFT Gaming universe from the ground up. This is a result of a passion that has grown over the course of many years into what it will eventually become.

Our team of experts, designers and developers are not just coming together to build ELDEN KNIGHTS but to build something even greater with each other and the community. We welcome players who we can share this journey with as the game evolves along with us all. Join us on our adventure to make ELDEN KNIGHTS epic!



NFT Cloud Storage Solution
NFTs finalisation and dApp intergration
Social Media and Team finalization

Game Development
Influencer Marketing
Youtube Coverage
Token Fairlaunch and NFT Mint Event
NFT Marketplace Launch

NFT lending Contract & platform reveal
DAO Finalization
ELDEN KNIGHTS Game Alpha Release
Mainstream Article features
Strategic Collaborations and CEX Listings

Commercialization & Partnerships
Additional research and Development
Further game development and Beta Launch
Global CEX Listings
Updated Roadmap Release

Our vision is simple: We want to create a world where everyone can play together at home or online, no matter if you are an expert gamer or just starting out! Our goal is to create an ecosystem where players can purchase rare items from one another using our token (KNIGHTS) which gives them power over who gets those items first.

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For more information

Website: https://eldenknights.com/
Whitepaper: https://eldenknights.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/ELDEN-Knights-3.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elden_knights
Telegram group: https://t.me/EldenKnightsOfficial


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