BridgeSwap Utility is our Priority


About Bridgeswap

Bridge Exchange Destination

  • Bridge swap trading
  • Bridge swap farm
  • Bridge swap pool
  • Bridgeswap Defi 2.0 zap
  • and Bridgeswap lottery



Token Information

  • Token Name : BridgeSwap
  • Token Symbol : BRIS
  • Chain : BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Initial Supply : 2,200,000
  • Bet in Pools to get free crypto tokens.
  • Use it in Yield Farms to get more BRIS.
  • Buy Lottery tickets at The BridgeSwap Lottery.
  • Vote on proposals related to BRIS DAO Governance.


  • BridgeSwap Mainnet DEX Development
  • Livestock & Pond Development.
  • Development of Zap Defi 2.0.
  • BRIS Vault Development (Automatic Merging BRIS-BRIS Pool )
  • Lottery Development (Deflation Mechanism): Lottery is not only an opportunity for you to win more BRIS tokens but also a burning mechanism for us to keep the token value stable.
  • Referral Program Development
  • Launch of IDO for BRIS tokens.
  • BridgeSwap Mainnet DEX launch
  • Ranch & Pond Launch
  • Lottery Launch
  • Referral Program Launch
  • Launch of BRIS Vault (Automatic Merging BRIS-BRIS Pool )
  • Defi 2.0 Zap . Launch
  • Announce Partnership
  • Trade Mining Development
  • DAO governance using BRIS token development.
  • Info Development & Analysis
  • Trade Battle
  • Portfolio management
  • Multiple languages
  • Cross Chain Integration
  • BridgeSwap NFT Ecosystem
  • More To Be Announced




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